EETech Releases Six B2B Engineering Research Studies

EETech Releases Six B2B Engineering Research Studies

Jan 10, 2022

January 6, 2022 For the past five years EETech Media has partnered with the third-party research firm, Wilson Research Group, to gather and analyze data from industry professionals around the world. This year EETech Media is changing the way their data is being presented. Instead of an on-demand PowerPoint presentation, they have created a standalone website with interactive graphics.

While the visualization of the data may be new and different, the purpose is not. The collected data still seeks to quantify and understand trends in how engineers interact within the market. The research study looks to answer questions like:

  • What type of content are engineers consuming?
  • How do they interact with new products?
  • What medium of communication do engineers use to interact with suppliers?
  • What subgroup of engineers is making the purchasing decisions?

And it’s not just the graphics that have changed. This year, EETech Media has divided the data into six studies with each one targeting a different subset of engineers. The six categories are as follows:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • China-Based Electrical Engineers
  • Control & Automation Engineers
  • Makers & Hobbyists
  • Educators
  • Students

This is the first year that EETech Media has included data collected specifically on China-based Electrical Engineers. This is an exciting addition that provides even more insight into a large pool of engineers.

This year EETech Media saw over 10,000 respondents from around the world. The report is extensive and includes infographics about:

  • Geographical markets
  • A comparison of next generation electrical engineers and their more experienced counterparts
  • How the global chip shortage has impacted engineering career paths
  • Methods used to purchase parts which give insight into supply chain trends
  • Top component manufacturers year-over-year

The research study is packed full of market related trends and engineer demographics vital to understanding these unique communities.

Visit EETech Media’s 2021 Engineering Research Study website today to gain access to the Electrical Engineers study and to be notified when all subsequent studies are published.

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