About Us

EETech is the one-stop shop for digital transformation. From research and design to sourcing and e-commerce, our experts have you covered. We’ve created a comprehensive suite of SaaS and media solutions unmatched in electronics. EETech offers complementary end-to-end products and services through its three major areas of focus:


The B2B digital media division, which shares the corporate name, connects engineers with solutions and products when and how they need them in the design cycle. By leveraging peer-to-peer engagement, this massive community of engineers is helping to shape the future of innovation. Titles include All About Circuits, Control Automation, EE Power, Maker Pro, mikrocontroller.net, and 21ic.com.

Digital Presence

A provider of customized SaaS and e-commerce solutions for the electronics and adjacent industries, EETech offers comprehensive digital presence solutions that utilize e-commerce, data products, and findability. In today’s digital world, EETech has the skills and industry expertise to create a superior and streamlined user experience for your customers.


EETech’s robust data services provide the leverage you need to make informed decisions in the electronics industry. With the tools and expertise to optimize your data, we offer services that increase awareness, engagement, and acquisition, driving real results. With account insights, component insights and channel data, and product data services, EETech’s data packages fuel great customer experiences.

Our History

EETech was established in 2015 as a media company by the original founder of All About Circuits, Rob Pengelly, and industry leader Adam LaBarbera. Their shared passion for the electronics industry and the power of strong communities laid the bedrock for EETech’s principles. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, EETech has developed a presence in North America, Europe (primarily in the UK and Germany), Asia, and beyond.

EETech’s Exciting Journey


Industry Pioneers

30 years of combined electronics industry experience between co-founders

The EETech’s team of experts has a deep background in distribution, community engagement, e-commerce, data, the user experience, content creation and consulting.

2015 - 2016

Company Founded / Communities Established

Accumulate / established leading industry communities

All About Circuits (2015)

Maker.Pro (2016)

Mikrocontroller.net (2016)

2017 - 2019

Community Expansion and Entry Into E-commerce

Continued buildout of community footprint

EEPower.com (2017)

ElectronicsPoint (2018)

Control.com (2019)

2020 - 2021

Launches Industry’s First Marketplace

Recognized gaping need for industry marketplace/e-commerce solutions

Launched first client marketplace

Built first B2B commerce platform

Launched EETech brand, the first data/SaaS offering

SaaS/data subscription offerings top 20+ customers


Extends Leadership In All 3 Product Categories


Digital Presence


Our Values


We won’t take shortcuts. In an age in which digital media is susceptible to manipulation or bias, we strive to be unbiased, honest, accurate, and data-driven.


We take ownership and responsibility for who we are and what we do. This means committing ourselves to transparency and identifying areas for improvement.


We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. By understanding each customer’s unique needs and business objectives, we’ve always rejected a cookie-cutter approach.

Community (Our People)

We have built a strong community of friendship and camaraderie at EETech. Being mindful of and caring for each person on our team is ingrained in our company culture. This value, in turn, helps us to better serve our clients and communities.

Our Culture

It’s All About the Team

We check our egos at the door and instill an environment that rewards teamwork. Because the best ideas flow from diverse voices, we encourage openness and creativity. It is this formula — and this ethos — that produces excellence time and again.

Fast-Paced and Hard-Working

It’s not just about strong coffee! We are a hungry, dynamic, and ambitious team that works efficiently without compromising quality.

Kind and Respectful

We spend a lot of time together, and we understand that kindness engenders a respectful working environment in which everyone feels valued. And when people feel valued, they also feel confident and empowered to reach their potential.


A belief in continuous improvement fuels our work. Because we understand technology, we know that standing still is not an option. We emphasize growth in all that we do: from expanding our teams and strengthening our product offerings to extending our global reach while growing our client base.


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