EETech Media & Marketing is the only "digital-first" company built from online engineering communities rather than traditional print-to-digital publishers. Our model revolves around empowering the best engineering minds across the globe to solve real-world design challenges. We work knowing that we influence the world's best engineers with decisions that affect our future, from 5G and autonomous vehicles to automation and manufacturing. This motivates our team to deliver you the best results possible so together we can change the world, one idea at a time.



EETech Launches New IC Design Center on All About Circuits

EETech is pleased to unveil the newest addition to All About Circuits (AAC), the IC Design Center for IP Cores. This IC Design Center comes on the heels of AAC’s ...

EETech Media & Marketing Freelance Tech Journalists

Join One of the Leading Content Creators in the Electrical Engineering Industry Do you have experience developing engaging content for technical audiences? Do you enjoy working with SMEs and researching the electronics ...

EETech is Looking for a Senior Technical Editor

EETech is privately owned and globally recognized as one of the fastest-growing media companies in the electronics media industry, operating some of the largest engineering-focused websites in the world. Headquartered ...

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