EETech Media & Marketing is a digital marketing company with a media portfolio made up of the biggest properties in the industry. With some of the largest electrical engineering communities in the world, EETech is poised to deliver the best possible content to their audiences. Having worked directly with engineer and maker communities for years, EETech is well-equipped to provide marketing services for technology companies in the field. Whether your business needs advertising on one of our successful domains or services to bolster your own community, EETech will elevate your marketing.



EETech Media & Marketing Freelance Positions

Join Our Remote Team of Consulting Engineers Do you want to be a part of the EETech Freelance Engineering team? Do you have the technical expertise or experience to develop ...

EETech is Looking for a Content Coordinator

EETech is privately owned and globally recognized as one of the fastest-growing media companies in the electronics media industry--with some of the largest websites in the world. Headquartered in Boise, ...

EETech is Looking for a Rockstar Independent Sales Representative

EETech is looking for a European-based representative to join our global sales team. Our ideal candidate is someone who is ambitious, independent, and reliable, capable of acquiring and managing new ...

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Adam LaBarbera

Co-founder & CEO

Rob Pengelly

Co-founder & CTO

Cody Miller

Vice President, Business Development

Kate Smith

Director of Digital Content

Robert Keim

Director of Engineering

Chris Anderson

Director of Video Content

Jim DeAndrea

Regional Sales Manager - Dallas

Bridgette Stone

Regional Sales Manager - San Jose

Joe Williams

Regional Sales Manager - Boston

John Spreer

Regional Sales Manager - Southern California

Vicki Parker

Account Executive - Europe

Kevin Burns

Account Executive - N. America

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