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Built to meet the complex needs of B2B companies, EETech Keyword Search is easy to
deploy and maintain, while offering sophisticated management and reporting of your search

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Keyword Search Services Breakdown

Implementation Services

  • Best-in-class search capability in 10-15 business days
  • Maximize EETech Keyword Search via a site crawl into your site’s content and product systems
  • Actionable analytics in 30-45 days

Keyword Search Subscription

  • Scheduled indexing: With automated refreshes, you know your site is displaying the latest results
  • Regular updates: Frequent software updates to provide the latest features
  • Cloud integration: Secure and scalable SaaS solution

Technical Search Tailored for Your Company

We're a specialist, not a generalist. That means we build fully managed, industry-specific search solutions with tailored templates, curated results, and actionable analytics. At the same time, we're constantly innovating and integrating technologies - we apply context leveraging from multiple data sources, an easy-to-use interface, and correct results at the right time.

Empower with Sitewide Search

Navigate the digital maze of electronics industry documents.

Collect and Manage Your Data

Destroy data silos and enable one search box for multiple URLs and data sources.

Optimize Part Finding

Advanced filters, cross reference, and more powerful tools to empower engineers.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

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Maximize EETech Keyword Search via a site crawl or through connectors into your content and product systems.


Keep your results up to date with automated refreshes. Know that your site is displaying the latest results.


Database indexing is designed to optimize the speed of the query.


Get our Keyword Search running without code. Simply use our automated website crawler and drop a javascript embed code into your page template.

Explore Subscription Options

View a full list of features and functions included with each service level.

Core Features

  • Unlimited users
  • Smart Box
  • Category and custom filters
  • Part taxonomy filters
  • Cross-reference search
  • Descriptive pills
  • Cross domain search
  • Search analytics
  • API access
  • Account Success Manager
  • CSS site brand alignment
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Contact Sales for

  • Multi-language support
  • Expert implementation support
  • Custom feature requests
  • Yearly search strategy
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Keyword Search Offerings

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