VDI Platform

New Platform!

Companies leveraging the most data will deliver the best performance.

EETech’s VDI Platform is the electronics industry’s toolbox for managing the global channel.

From distribution management to marketing and sales initiatives, data insights on the VDI Platform will produce immediate operations optimization, as well as revenue opportunities.

Channel Manager Insights

EETech’s VDI Insights toolbox is a one-stop solution for electronic companies. It provides real-time product and competitive intelligence with inventory, pricing, lead time and global demand information that gives the user the power to make informed business decisions.

Channel Manager Inventory Status

Channel Manager Insights provides visibility into what is happening throughout the supply chain

Competitive Cross Reference

Monitor competitive inventory levels and identify part number crosses, revealing valuable actionable insights across the distribution channel

Part Level Visibility

Current, easily accessed data gathered throughout the global electronics market. This data gives signals down to the part level to improve business decisions with insight and intelligence into demand, pricing and inventory

Account Insights

Identify anonymous user traffic on your website, down to the company name and geo location.

First party data delivered in real-time

Captured lead information from users who visited your site

Track content consumption through the user journey on your website

Identify website visitors while remaining GDPR/CCPA compliant

Unveil anonymous traffic endemic to the electronics industry

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