EETech helps customers deliver the best e-commerce experiences in the electronics industry.

We help streamline the digital process so your buyers can find and purchase your
products through channel partners or a full e-commerce cart experience on your website.

EETech also can integrate e-commerce solutions, such as content management, product
information management, and ERP systems, into your back-end systems.

E-commerce Offerings

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Why EETech E-commerce?

As a digital leader in the electronics industry, EETech meets you where you are in your e-commerce journey. From distribution linking integration to BOM and RFQ engines all the way to full e-commerce cart solutions, we’ll help you take your e-commerce goals to new heights.

Make Your E-commerce Solution Stand Out

With so many e-commerce options available, how can you identify the best solution for your company? We offer the electronics expertise, B2B focus, and high-tech prowess that will differentiate your e-commerce offering in the marketplace. In addition to our highly custom experience and broad integration capabilities, you’ll benefit from our ongoing user support and breadth of systems experience.

Channel Partner Integration

Bill-of-Materials Capability (BOM)

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Dev Kits and Sample Engines

In-Context E-commerce

E-commerce Solutions

Integrations With EETech Supported Systems


Standard e-commerce solutions can be slow to adapt as your industry or company changes. With EETech, your e-commerce solution is built to last because you can make changes as your business evolves.

Custom E-commerce Made Simple

With EETech’s experts available to handle implementation, changes and maintenance, your custom solution offers a simple way to give your customers exactly what they want on your site.

Stand Out From the Pack

Your e-commerce platform should be as unique as your company. As a crucial part of your brand, e-commerce has the potential to make your products stand out as a site that looks completely different from hundreds of others that dot the web.

The EETech Difference

Because EETech specializes in helping companies achieve digital transformation by streamlining the online customer experience, we’re able to create a holistic approach to ecommerce based on buyer needs, cutting-edge design, strategy, content creation and management, and custom tools.

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