Product Information Management

EETech’s Product Information Management (PIM) solutions

Solve complex problems with simple tools and processes, setting your business up for success.

PIM tools streamline your process and deliver high quality product information across all channels.

Why EETech?

EETech teams have years of experience in the electronics industry, so we know how hard it can be to deal with high numbers of SKUs and complicated attributes across taxonomies. EETech aims to simplify the process of perfecting your product information and driving an increasedreturn for your business.

We're Not Scared of a Challenge

No matter the volume and variety of product information, EETech is up to the challenge of centralizing your technical product data, sales and marketing material, and product catalogues.

We're Fully Collaborative

EETech approaches every relationship from a place of collaboration, and we’re committed to working together to produce a single repository for product information.

Our Teams have Years of Industry Experience

EETech knows the kind of information you’re working with, and we’re prepared to create the kind of hierarchies you need.

We Know How to Maximize Your Data

Your data is only as powerful as it is accessible. Let us work with you to optimize your information.

Master Catalog

By creating a hierarchy of categories, you create the structure of your products, allowing you to organize your information in any way that makes sense.


Products are your bread and butter. Products are defined by attributes and are further organized into different families and categories.


This allows you to provide custom connections between products.


This feature allows you to translate product information.


Categories are a way to classify your products, and are also organized into a hierarchy. A product may belong to one or more categories depending on the data available.


With EETech’s experts around to handle implementation, changes, and maintenance, your custom solution offers a simple way to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for on your website.


Attributes define your product. These are the data and specifications related to every single product. These attributes can be set automatically with a number of predefined rules for your convenience.


This defines the levels of control available to users of the system. Permissions also allow control of different actions such as interface and action accesses, Web API permissions, catalogs, families and many more.

We Exceed Expectations

Because EETech specializes in helping companies achieve digital transformation by streamlining the online customerexperience, we can create a holistic approach to e-commerce based on buyer needs, cutting-edge design, strategy, content creation and management, and custom tools.

Industry Research

Research backed strategy is the key to success. For years, our insights have shaped the industry’s understanding of an evolving customer base. Whether you target students, hobbyists, or professionals, we know what your customers are looking for and how to make sure they find it.

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