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A Superior User Experience, by Design

EETech’s robust design tools are engineered to bridge the gap between awareness and ecommerce, building a demand-generation foundation that helps you reach your business goals.

Our tool suite focuses on engaging engineers throughout the design journey, using real-time data, customizable interfaces, and scalability.

Web Design Offerings

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Understanding UI and UX

There’s an important distinction between UI and UX, though they work hand in hand to create an experience that delights users and business owners. UX is more data- and user-focused, while UI mindfully balances visuals that add to the user’s engagement with implementation of a company's branding, ensuring that both work harmoniously to achieve the site’s goals. Both are important, which is why we employ a team of designers who excel in UI and UX.

Focused on High Tech

With our deep electronics experience, EETech has mastered the art of creating sleek and functional interfaces and website designs that deliver a first-rate user experience.

Electronics Buyer-Obsessed

Our designs propel your customers down the buyer’s journey and demand funnel in a way that delights them while helping you achieve your business goals.

Integrated Design and Development

Our designers and developers wor together as a team to provide the best electronics websites in the industry, while avoiding the pitfalls that befall teams that work separately.

We Do Our Homework

We live and breathe the electronics industry. We have deep industry knowledge of personas, usability, and buyer’s journeys, as well as the strategic needs and expectations of electronics buyers.

Achieving Your Business Outcomes

We excel at web design driven by a proven process. Our knowledgeable team understands the complexities of the electronics industry and is committed to helping your users achieve success. By focusing on business outcomes, we’re able to create web designs that meet at the intersection of form and function.
Today’s design engineers expect their digital experience to educate and guide them as they search for products and services. Simplify the buyer’s journey with elegant but practical designs that differentiate you.

Weiss and EETech

EETech turned a floundering two-year project into a four-week success.

"These were experts, and they did what they promised to do. It worked. And now everybody’s happy.” - CEO Michael Fraede

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