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Our industry leading video production team is dedicated to creating content that engages, educates and resonates with the electrical engineering audience.


An engaging live action product application video where viewers discover the use cases and benefits of a specific product in real-world scenarios. The video begins by introducing the product and its key features while highlighting how it addresses specific industry challenges. The studio host then explores the functionality and value of the product through a combination of educational visuals, 3D animations, and physical demonstrations. By its end, viewers will have gained a clear understanding of how the product can be utilized in their own projects - inspiring them to explore its potential applications.

Tech Explainers

In this content-first Tech Explainer video, viewers will be educated on a technology, product, or service. Through concise explanations, accompanied by engaging visuals such as high quality models, graphs, and animation, this offering explores various technical components of the latest cutting-edge technologies and how they operate. This video provides the choice between a hosted format or voiceover narration. Upon reaching the conclusion of the Tech Explainer, the audience will have gained insights into the product's technology, background, benefits, and use cases. To enhance personalization and create a lasting impact, opting for a host is recommended.

Data Sheets 2.0

With a focus on clarity and details, this marketing video will engage viewers with an in-depth explanation of a product's functionality, performance, and design. To enhance the viewer's grasp of a product's essential value proposition, visual elements such as text annotations, 3D models, and voiceovers can be integrated. Upon the video’s conclusion, viewers will possess a comprehensive understanding of the product's specifications and its effective utilization across various applications.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts videos are a budget-friendly marketing presentation that highlight key data points about a new product. This video provides a clear and rapid overview of a product’s innovative features that propel its performance and functionality to exceptional levels.

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