EETech Merges with Big Zeta

EETech Merges with Big Zeta

Apr 13, 2022

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EETech Merges with Big Zeta

EETech Group now offers comprehensive solutions to electronics B2B digital transformation

Boise, ID, April 13, 2022: EETech is pleased to announce the finalized merger with Big Zeta to form a single organization, EETech Group. This merger, which became effective at the end of Q1/22, combines e-commerce, digital presence, and community engagement solutions to create an engine for growth in the expanding electronics value chain.

EETech already has 8.7 million engineers every month engaging with their network of community platforms. Now, as EETech Group, it will be able to offer the custom and standard B2B SaaS products from Big Zeta that include optimized keyword and parametric search grown from empirical data and constant feedback cycles. Also made available now through the EETech Group will be services and tools that build digital products based on deep research, modern digital engagement practices, and emerging technologies.

“It’s an exciting time in our industry,” said Adam LaBarbera, Co-Founder of EETech Group. “We see the electrification of new industries and supply chain challenges continuing to expose global dependencies. COVID even further expedited digital transformation for sales and marketing in technical B2B. Every stakeholder, including suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, are adapting their digital presence to become more efficient and profitable. Now with this merger, we can support this seismic shift in thinking.” 

“Major issues with supply chains and digital complacency have exposed challenges for many companies,” said Cody Miller, Co-Founder of EETech Group. “Whether it is the need for data-driven decisions or evolving a business to become relevant in this digital world, we provide the service, data, and technology to accelerate the transformation. Together our combined offering of community platforms, SaaS products, and data insights has established us as a new leader.”

Through this merger, EETech Group can serve clients on all things digital conversion, resulting in the most expansive portfolio of digital transformation products for technical B2B. In addition, total solution integration and a broad portfolio means that customers can benefit from streamlining often complex and custom solutions.

For more information about the merger, contact [email protected] at EETech Group.

About EETech Group: EETech Group is a B2B digital transformation company that connects industry stakeholders with digital solutions and products when and how they need them. Its mission is to combine E-commerce, digital presence, and community engagement solutions to create an engine for growth in the expanding electronics value chain. 


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