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Bloqq Tool

Easy to use and customizable,

EETech’s online block diagram creator and publisher lets users create, maintain, and
publish electronics block diagrams right to your website.

In today’s high-tech B2B environment, BLOQQ is a digital tool specifically for
digitally immersed engineers and content teams supporting online tools.

Bloqq Tool Offerings

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Bloqq – Block Diagram

Engage your engineering audience with a web-based, interactive block diagram tool and publisher that can display the breadth of your product portfolio in system implementations. Editable by marketers and no IT required for continued maintenance, Bloqq carves out a space for engineering teams to collaborate and ideate using integrated symbols and reference designs. For example, visualize an IoT or medical application while creating a bill of materials.

The Advantages of Bloqq

Built on open-source software, Bloqq online block diagram creator and publisher is fully web-based and works on virtually any platform, including mobile. Whether you want to populate your interactive reference design library, label symbols with part info, or need an innovative sales tool to communicate with customers, what you create in Bloqq is exactly what you’ll see when you publish on your site.

Broad Capabilities, Interactivity

Broad Capabilities for Users

  • A wide variety of shapes and electrical symbols
  • The ability to import different files, such as Visio diagrams
  • Numerous color choices
  • Customized symbols
  • “Infinite canvas” means there are virtually no space constraints

Built to Meet Customers’ Needs

From your website, engineers can easily see how your parts would fit into their system designs. Working from a grid, users simply drag-and-drop elements to build their block diagram, easily revising it and substituting elements. Test out different parts, change the configuration, import images or drawings, and even create a BOM.

Interactivity Adds Value

Transform a block diagram into an infographic by leveraging the tool’s interactive functionality. When a user clicks on or mouses over a box, a pop-up adds information, such as key features, about the part. Include a CTA button to take the user to a product page.

Users Choose the Output

Depending on your needs, you have several options for producing and sharing your Bloqq block diagram:

  • Put it on a web page as html
  • Export as an image
  • Export as a PDF
  • Share on social media

Ready Right Out of the Box

With Bloqq, there’s no need for additional internal development. The tool integrates easily and offers accessible analytics at every stage of the buyer’s journey. In addition, you can customize Bloqq to fit your brand (e.g., allow only brand-specific colors).

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