Content Syndication

Broaden your reach by repurposing your most compelling website content.

EETech’s content syndication solution helps you publish content summaries on third-party websites that will drive traffic directly back to your site.

Our syndication offering blends a development platform with a results-driven marketing strategy.
By leveraging content that you have already created, you will deliver value to users and promote your brand in ways that will resonate with a technical audience.
The result is a content strategy that breaks through the limitations of a single-site communications platform to increase visitors to your website and, ultimately, conversions.

Content Syndication Goals

Main Goal

  • Strengthen the business impact of your site by exposing your best content to new users
  • Drive organic traffic to your site
  • Increase link-backs and boost SEO

Additional Benefits:

  • Optimize your current investment in content
  • Promote different content types to play to your strengths
A Smart Way to Connect with EEs

News releases, digital ads and social media posts cannot match the power of syndication, which lets you share your best and most timely content with engineers who are hungry for the solutions your brand offers.

  • Engage with sites that have built large followings in your industry space
  • Increase traffic to your site from engineers and other decision makers
  • Deploy an infrastructure that streamlines content-sharing using your content management system
Partner with Third-Party Websites

Deliver your content to the combined audiences of media companies, maker/DIY sites, and distributors. Imagine an NPI campaign with the potential to supercharge your potential user base.

  • Highlight your latest news and developments on third-party sites but require link-backs to your site to consume the complete content
  • Match the syndicated content with the partner site to optimize the impact
  • Receive analytics to inform your syndication decision making

Syndication Works with a Variety of Content

In the hotly competitive electronics industry, you can stand out by strategically syndicating the right content on the right third-party sites.

  • NPIs
  • Reference designs
  • Schematics
  • Block diagrams
  • 3D models
  • Application notes
  • Simulation models
  • PCB layout files
  • CAD libraries
  • Training materials
  • Videos
  • Data sheets
  • Tutorials
  • Quick start guides
  • Mechanical drawings
  • White papers

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