EETech 2017 By the Numbers (So Far…)

EETech 2017 By the Numbers (So Far…)

Oct 24, 2017

EETech is growing so we thought we should share some numbers with you… For those that don’t know us our brands consist of All About Circuits, DIY Hacking, and; communities that utilize a vast network of writers, with a younger audience of decision makers, engineering for the future.

Our flagship site,, leads the pack with 4.6MM page views per month, 16% increase over last year. Membership is averaging 300+ new users per day with a total of 425,000+ members participating in the AAC community platform. Our industry is not known for large social media following. However, our younger audience has engaged, reaching significant numbers on our Facebook page — it grew 21,377% in the past year with over 500,000+ unique likes.



With our recent expansion into the Maker market, similar growth can be seen on, where page views increased 40% (!) over the past year. As the Maker movement at large continues to gain traction as a serious design community, the DIYhacking presence on Facebook grew with 150,000+ likes, a 2,556% increase from one year ago.



Sprechen sie Deutsch? While much of the German market is focused on print, a digital user base is making its way onto While the name suggests a focus on embedded, it remains the largest German EE community in the world, clocking in at 10+ million unique users over the past year. “Over the next year, we anticipate new updates to the site will only increase that following,” said Rob Pengelly, co-founder and CTO of EETech.



“It’s great to see the extent of EETech’s reach with these engineers. We are pleasantly surprised our readers engage with us on multiple levels”, said Adam LaBarbera, co-founder and CEO of EETech.

We know that, especially in this industry, getting people out of their shells and engaging with us outside of our websites is something rare indeed. As Social Media Manager Kent Dresser so eloquently puts it, “We are constantly looking for ways to connect with the electrical engineering community at large. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head, often times we analyze how we can optimize every user’s experience as preferences change.”

Stay tuned… we have more exciting changes planned for the new year to extend our reach and engage our communities!

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