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Abracon Case Study

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Feb 9, 2022

“When Abracon noticed that too many customers and prospects were coming to the site and not sticking around, it was easy to take action,” Calabria explains. These users would find product data only at the series level, which proved cumbersome, causing them to leave the site and purchase parts through other suppliers. The site didn’t offer the one-stop-shop and support experience that researchers have found is the holy grail — the buyer’s journey was clunky and ultimately unproductive for Calabria, who knew they needed to find a solution for their customers.

“We reached out to five companies to understand different ideas for our company’s website strategy,” Calabria says. “EETech was the only company that understood our industry and was able to provide valuable and tangible feedback that not only supported our strategy but enhanced it.”

Calabria explains that, of the companies Abracon considered, EETech’s willingness to model what they could deliver stood out. “There was no ‘we’ll get back to you in three months with a little bit about the end product.’ Instead, EETech talked in days or weeks at most. They put something in front of us immediately. We knew what the process and product would look like,” he says.
Ultimately, Abracon hoped to improve the user experience by offering a site that was as user-friendly as possible, allowing customers to find what they needed with minimal distractions and clicks, thus converting browsers to potential sales leads.

“EETech was the only company that understood our industry and was able to provide valuable and tangible feedback that not only supported our strategy but enhanced it.” – Michael Calabria (CEO at Abracon)

Abracon’s research indicated that customers came first to the supplier’s website to review information, eventually procuring the part from a channel partner like Digi-Key or Mouser. For Abracon, this presented a major opportunity to create a one-stop shopping experience that provided space for application information and data sheets, CAD drawings, etc.

However, the company that had been handling Abracon’s search wasn’t responsive to these concerns and they offered data that was prone to errors. As a result, Abracon was losing confidence in their vendor’s ability to solve for a fast-changing industry that has shifted to more online product research and buying. How could they improve their site to satisfy the informational needs of customers who were no longer seeking face-to-face interaction? “We knew that if we didn’t move forward, we could be left behind,” Calabria says. “Abracon was in the middle of a transition, but EETech worked with us to find a way to say yes.”

Through industry relationships and conference presentations, Abracon connected with EETech and was impressed by the detailed and thoughtful scope of work and exemplary communication throughout the process.

The best part?
“Parametric Search has enhanced our customers’ experiences,” – Michael Calabria

Hopeful that engaging with EETech would expand their digital footprint and capture visitors to the website, Abracon officially began the process of improving their website through the implementation of redesigned product detail pages and a parametric search that allowed users to filter part features more clearly.

“A big part of making these decisions is industry referrals—you want to know the people that you’re working with are reliable. Usually, you’ll get to an end product, but the road there can be challenging with the wrong team. EETech is flexible, and they meet the goals they set out. The experience of dealing with them was second to none,” Calabria says.

Because Abracon had recently undergone an extensive website upgrade, they feared that the additional detail for parts wouldn’t drive results, and wondered if EETech could deliver on the promises they’d made. “The interaction between EETech and ourselves has proved to be a great success,” Calabria says. “We have been able to see a better customer journey on our website and have seen increased metrics for customer time and interaction on our website.”

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