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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Keyword and Parametric Search Products


EETech Search is a revolutionary solution to the problems that high-tech companies face when their search engine lives outside their digital platform. EETech Search leverages the best technology while remaining CMS/platform-agnostic. We have two primary search engines: keyword and parametric.

It’s a type of search that uses any relevant term to help identify the data you seek, such as a part number, generic term, product description, or piece of content.

It’s a type of search that helps you find documents using a set of predefined values.

Yes, there are five subscription levels (in ascending order of service): Express, SMB, Core, Professional, and Enterprise.

Express is our most basic package: It serves 1 (parametric) to 3 (keyword) users and offers 10k queries/month for keyword search and 3k queries/month for parametric. Express includes electronics-specific synonym tables. Building on that is SMB, which is aimed at 3 (parametric) to 5 (keyword) users and offers 10k queries/month for parametric and 50k queries/month for keyword. The next level up is Core, which includes all of the basic features of the search engines plus a virtual training center. Professional adds enhanced features, such as API integration, multilingual support, and search strategy planning, plus access to 1:1 training. Enterprise offers a higher level of management and post-sales support.

It’s based on subscription level. Express and SMB each crawls weekly; Core crawls daily; Professional crawls twice daily; Enterprise crawls daily and upon publishing.


We provide easy-to-read dashboards for both keyword and parametric search. At a glance, you can glean the most relevant metrics on how your users interact with keyword and parametric search.

Yes, all five subscription levels include an analytics package.

We use DOMO, a cloud-based operating system that unifies your business’s data, systems, and contacts in one location.

See chart below.


Metric What Does It Track?
Pageviews Number of users of keyword search and parametric search


Unique visitors Number of unique visitors in a given period, regardless of how often they visit your site
Click trends Number of clicks by visitors to the site, broken down by Clicks Per Minute, Cost Per Click, Pay Per Click, and Click-Through Rate
Return visitors Number of users who revisit your site
Bounce rate Number of times a user visits your site and exits, or “bounces,” without clicking any links. The bounce rate can be classified by different spans of time (5 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, etc.).
New users Number of visitors coming to your site for the first time
Top queries Top searches, their types, and their categories
Referring domains Number of visits in a certain domain
Queries-to-clicks ratio Number of results clicked per search
Time on search Average time a user spends on searches
Redo Number of times a user has searched using the same keyword
High-query, long-tail The most-used queries that utilize multiple keywords to specify an exact product
Header box conversion ratio Number of times a certain header has been clicked
Header search abandonment Number of users who do not click on anything in the header search box when the autocomplete feature suggests potentially relevant results
Header search box Number of queries executed during a given time
Click by parametric The most clicked parametric values or fields
Parametric template usage Comparison All the combinations of fields and specifications that users employ
Parametric most-used configurations The combination of fields and specifications that users most commonly click
Most-searched-by product The top product offering that users search through the parametric search engine
Bounce configuration The combination of fields and specifications that results in dissatisfaction. This occurs when a user leaves the site after a parametric search without having clicked on any of the results.


Our shared database allows keyword and parametric queries to be asked through either of the two search interfaces, and to return the best results.

We take privacy and security very seriously. We do not capture any of your customers’ personal information, including email. In addition, we are taking steps to achieve GDPR compliance.

EETech Search supports unicode and European languages with advanced features. We can also support symbolic languages, such as Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, but with reduced capabilities.

We employ Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform that includes layered, built-in security services.

Yes, for an additional fee.

Yes, for an additional fee.

Parametric Search-Specific

To meet the needs of electronics industry clients, EETech parametric search includes configurable interfaces, cross-domain search, keyword search integration, and real-time analytics. The parametric search platform is also off-the-shelf SaaS-ready.

We take a .csv file or API that you provide for the data. API requires further discussion.

We take a .csv file or API that you provide for the data. API requires further discussion.

We can build APIs upon request.

The parametric system updates at different intervals, depending on the EETech search subscription.

Keyword Search-Specific

There are multiple ways to update your company look-and-feel, dependent on the EETech subscription package.

Typically, we create a search index by performing a site scrape. EETech can integrate with most major content management systems through APIs.

Typically, we create a search index by performing a site scrape. EETech can integrate with most major product information management systems through APIs.





It depends on your EETech subscription.

Yes, we can search for and extract from PDFs and other document types.

We provide an electronics-specific synonym table, which our engineering team continuously updates.

Yes, you can build and modify your own synonym tables, depending on your level of subscription.

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