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Users of distributors’ websites expect a specialized search experience to meet their needs.

We deliver that experience by combining our electronics industry expertise with the technologies and ease of use that characterize our Keyword and Parametric Search products.

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Why EETech?

We're a specialist, not a generalist. That means we build electronics industry-specific Search solutions with tailored templates and actionable results. We’re confident that our industry expertise and robust functionality will give you a competitive edge.

4 Ways Our Search Stands Out

Upload Product Data Easily

Our intuitive web portal lets you upload data, manage changes, and configure your engine — all in one place.

  • Utility dashboard
  • CSV/Excel upload
  • Data source API
Simplify Maintenance

We streamline parametric data management so that your product-support teams can focus on product differentiation.

  • Data source system integration
  • Automate product updates
Configure Results Your Way

The flexibility of our Parametric Search empowers you to configure the results in the ways that work best for your business. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach; we won’t.

  • Handle several data types
  • Create tailored templates
  • Reorder filters and columns
Extend the Interface

Your parametric interface will also work with your all-important product pages, where constrained parametric matters.

  • Installation scripts provided
  • Product data displays in milliseconds
  • Mobile-responsive table and card product views
  • CSS hooks for custom styling

Parametric Search Services Breakdown

Implementation Services

  • Best-in-class search capability
  • Online portal with data csv upload
  • Data review and preparation

Parametric Search Subscription

  • API integration: Automate product upload and updates
  • Frequent software updates to provide the latest features
  • Cloud integration: Secure and scalable SaaS solution

Parametric Search Features

Product Page
Product Filtering
Easy Uploading
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Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Core Features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Customization for E-commerce
  • Engine Management Web Dashboard
  • Part Table and Attribute Filters
  • Supports 1000’s of parts
  • Part Images
  • Link to Part Detail Page
  • 1-to-Many Product Attributes Relations
  • Table Search Box
  • Multiple Template Views
  • API access
  • Account Success Manager
  • CSS Site Brand Alignment
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Contact Sales for

  • Multi-language Support
  • Expert Implementation Support
  • Custom Feature Requests
  • Yearly Search Strategy
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