Data Services

Create a smart data strategy to deliver a better customer experience.

Data drives your business. Our tools and expertise can optomize your analytics, mapping
data-driven events to the buyer’s journey.

Data Management Capabilities

We help our clients deliver high-quality data, streamlining decision-making and driving them to the right business outcomes quickly.

We make sure you don’t suffer the consequences of decentralized data, missing information, multiple inputs, and disintegrated analytics.

  • Data coverage evaluation
  • Gap analysis and recommendations
  • Data workflow management
  • Taxonomy and parametric template creation
  • Data harvesting and collection
  • Data normalization via ML/AI
  • PIM setup and seeding
  • Document data extraction
  • Data-gathering about your competitors
  • CPQ data collection

Data Solutions

We help some of the largest distributors and suppliers in the electronics industry leverage data to make informed decisions across organizations. Whether you’re looking for one solution or all three, we’ve got you covered.

Account Insights

40mm+ Interaction Points/Yr

  • Customizable broadscale purchase intent data anlaytics
  • Insights on highly segmented user behavior
  • See who is on your site, where they’re coming from, what they’re looking at

Component Insights

2.6 Billion Data Signals

  • See what products engineers are looking for now and historically
  • Identify trends in products across millions of part numbers
  • Spot trends to drive decisions with supply data

Product Data Services

35mm+ Unique Products

  • Get more accurate reporting with normalized product information for millions of parts
  • Augment product content with a full range of part specifications
  • Use our data consultation to clean up your data, garnering the insights that generate revenue

Why Upgrade Data?

  • Make informed business decisions
  • Data fuels great customer experiences
  • Centralized data can be used in more advanced tools
  • Multiple platforms can leverage data, making use of the corporate ecosystem
  • First-party data increases awareness, engagement, and acquisition
  • Modern data optimizes the buyer’s journey and corporate investments
  • Create new digital experiences for customers leveraging upgraded data


  • Product data: documents, photos, descriptions, specifications

  • Competitive data: price, inventory, historical change

  • First-party user data


  • Product and data categorization

  • Consistent naming conventions

  • Combine multiple data sources into one system

  • Machine Learning models
    for normalization at scale


  • Data and product management

  • Database strategy

  • Custom APIs

  • PIM Expertise


  • Custom dashboards

  • Business intelligence

  • Actionable reports

  • Self-service Data Portal and API's

Industry Research

Research backed strategy is the key to success. For years, our insights have shaped the industry’s understanding of an evolving customer base. Whether you target students, hobbyists, or professionals, we know what your customers are looking for and how to make sure they find it.

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