Design Tools


The best tools serve to enhance your user experience within the framework of your existing site.

With customizable interfaces, cutting-edge analytics, and a partnership that takes you from base to build, EETech’s calculators do just that, offering you the flexibility you require to address the specific needs of your clients and partners.

Example Calculators

No matter your need, we’ve got a calculator for you. Cut down on research and design time for quicker time to market, enhanced productivity, and the most accurate calculations. This includes calculators for:


From RF power converter calculators to capacitor charge calculators and everything in between.


Hex, binary, two's complement, decimal converter calculators, pull up / pull down resistor calculators and more.

Power and Interface

Determine the wavelength of a signal, given the frequency and dielectric constant with a Wavelength (TEM) calculator.


Whether you need high speed signal calculations or a memory type selection tool, EETech has solutions for you.

Passive Calculators

EETech’s reactance, impedance, and Ohm’s Law calculators are just a few of the options available to you.

Passive or Interface Calculators

For companies that need anything from a skin depth calculator to a VSWR/return loss calculator or anything in between, EETech has solutions.

Solve for Common Pain Points

Often, calculators rely on outdated interfaces, poor ability to integrate, totally absent analytics, and an outdated understanding of the customer journey. EETech knows your customers, and we’re committed to partnering with you to develop personalized calculator solutions that integrate where you want them to, enhancing your SEO.

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